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Offerings - Avatar®

The Avatar®-Course is a nine day life-transforming course, in which you simply and only explore your own being, your own life with an attitude of loving kindness, and you will understand better the laws of the psyche. And not only that, you go home with the ability to embrace your life and to live it deliberately using the new Avatar toolbox.

Harry Palmer developed the course in 1989 and it is held today in 72 countries in many languages, always using the same structure, always during the course of 9 days. Discovering that life is run by partly unconscious and destructive patterns, you will learn to really step out of them and substitute them with rewarding, joyful ones, which you choose deliberately. Connecting back with the vastness, love and calmness at the bottom of your being you will find a peace you have always sensed to be your true nature.

The course is normally delivered in international settings with about 200 students and many trainers. However, some trainers prefer to deliver the course in a much smaller and calmer setting within a safe frame, with the opportunity for more individual guidance and deep personal support. This is what we prefer in BuonaVita. We have the student packs (the course materials) in Italian, English, German, Dutch, Indonesian and Japanese, however, some knowledge of English, Italian or German is necessary for partecipation and communication in the course.

Though the course consists of three parts, which can be booked separately (though only in sequence) we only deliver the course as a whole. The reason for this is that we personally value the content of the third part, the "Avatar technique" very highly and it gives us the motivation to deliver the course. Therefore we wouldn´t deliver only part one or two without the profound, life-changing process of part three including the transfer of the ability to use the method in your daily life.

The Avatar®-Course has a fixed price. It depends on your nationality and your income. For people from Germany it costs 2.000 €, Swiss people pay 3.680 SF, Italian people pay 1.900 €, American 2.295 $ etc., respectively plus Vat. These Prices are mainly based on the gross national product.

For more information about the course in English please see www.AvatarEpc.com, German only: see www.avatar-seminar.net (website of Sabine Debes and Edelgard von Raußendorff). For other languages, please google "Avatar Course" and your language.

For AVATAR®-course dates see Seminar-Calendar.

Please contact us for registration and for more information.


AVATAR® is registerd trademark of Star's Edge Inc., USA.