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The term originally entered into the languages of the world through the descriptions of the life of one person, the Buddha, who awakened fully during his lifetime. The word "Buddha" means "Awakened One" and it was thus translated into all languages of the world. Though this word is used nowadays by many people in many different ways, it is meant here in its original sense. Awakening does not only include indestructible eternal happiness as a state of being, it has as base the total dissolving of the illusion of, or any concept of, or belief in, an ego or self. An Awakened One is totally healed/holy and free of desires. Fully liberated, he has transcended suffering and thus the endless cycle of birth, aging and death (Samsara). As there are no own interests, there is nothing to aspire to, nothing to fear, s/he is pure love, pure compassion, clarity and wisdom. The last Buddha taught the path to this attractive goal for 40 years out of compassion. Luckily, his teachings are still available in a trustworthy, original form, luckily there are still people on the path from which we can learn, and thus liberation is still accessible for every person interested.

We refer only to these original teachings and avoid the many forms of "Buddhism" which mostly have added or taken away parts of the original teachings, added other beliefs and/or rituals. What we like about the teachings of the Awakened Ones is the invitation: "Welcome be an open person, an upright, open-minded, honest wo/man. I will give her/him guidance and show her/him the truth, so that s/he can see and recognize her/himself." The Buddha always shared his supreme view without demanding to believe him, but always encouraged the listeners to proof the teachings for themselves, to contemplate and to make the experience themselves, not to just believe. The teachings are not a religion with demands or threats, nor do they work with guilt or shame. The teachings simply outline a practical path to indestructible happiness (or liberation, or awakening: these are all synonyms). Thus they do not interfere with any religion or belief system, everyone interested can participate and still retain his or her religious beliefs.

The seminars on awakening are holistic seminars with two or three meditation sessions per day, including studying, community-building elements, breath-work, working together in house and garden, leisure time etc. At the core is always a specific subject to explore, like the path to a good life, the path to a free and happy heart and others, see seminar calendar. These seminars are based on the teachings of the weakened One, the Buddha. We will learn and contemplate the original text and use explanations of Paul Debes, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Goenka, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ajahn Brahm among others. The benefit of these seminars is to reflect on the truth recognized by clear headed people, in order to find a practical and joyful path to live ones life gracefully. Teachings and contemplations on Awakening are also part of our daily programme and monthly seminars. See also offerings and seminar calendar.