Gaia-Oasis Europe - Centre for Awakening

Concept for BuonaVita

BuonaVita shall become the place to realize our visions and aspirations. In fact through its foundation we would like to offer and share a joyful, loving and healing lifestyle. BuonaVita is not a holiday resort but rather a place to unburden your-self of unwholesome conditioning, habits and emotions, and to create space for insight into the laws of life, for self-exploration and human liberation. Our purpose here is to share this, our life style, and the beauty of nature with people who have the same longing and goal. In practice this means to support the development of mind and heart, also taking care of a healthy body. Our intention is to live together with like-minded people in a warm-hearted community. Everyone who shares this goal is invited to join us, regardless of religion or other belief systems, independent of status and skin colour.

Work is shared in daily jobs like cooking and cleaning as well as project work. Also everyone is invited to our daily programme including studies, contemplations, meditations, special meals in silence, clearing work, community-building meetings and of course also relaxation time.

We also want to offer space for people who intend to retreat in BuonaVita and eventually share their wisdom.

As reality often demonstrates, it is not easy to live together in a group as there are as many paths to walk as there are people to walk them. We don´t know the best way. We just would like to offer and share our experiences of following a path to liberation to become free from inner bondage, pain and attachments.