Gaia-Oasis Europe - Centre for Awakening

CV Sabine Debes

2011 joint purchase of a house in Umbria (Italy) with Francesco to found “BuonaVita”, a place to share our life with fellow travelers who also like to live in a holistic community with the intention of walking a joyful, healthy path to awakening
2011 again 10 days Vipassana retreat in Tuscany and journey to India and Nepal, pilgrimage on the path of the places of Buddha’s life
2010 again 10 days Vipassana meditation in Tuscany and a Vipassana retreat in Haus der Stille (Germany). Since then practising meditation regularly
2009 Together we participated in the International Kundalini Yoga Retreat in France,  and in a Vipassana meditation retreat from Goenkaji (10 days in Tuscany), and in our first workshop “Community Building” according to Scott Peck’s guidelines in his book “The Different Drum”, to be followed by many more
2008 pilgrimage on the path of Holy San Francis in Italy where I met my spiritual companion Francesco Ceccarelli. We join our paths and merged our goals
2006 certified coach for Radical Forgiveness, to heal old wounds and support peace in families and nations
1998 foundation of the beautiful non-profit Gaia-Oasis in Bali, a peaceful Retreat Resort for meditation and yoga and making friends with yourself and others, 2006 we founded Gaia-Oasis Yayasan, a non-profit organisation to support education, sustainable economy, culture and health
1996 silent retreat in Boulder / Colorado with Gangaji
1991 Avatar-course and Trainer course, a great bridge to make the teachings of the Buddha tangibly accessible to the Western mind. Since this time I offering the Avatar-Course additionally to the other therapy work to hundreds of students
1988 purchase of the PHOENIX-HOUSE in Grosshansdorf
1984 opening of PHOENIX-HAUS, House for Transformation, a residential community of Osho Sannyassins, offering daily programs for meditation and a variety of therapies for transformation
1982 opening of the  practise “ Therapy for Transformation”, offering help for people interested in de-conditioning, human & spiritual growth and meditation
1981 - 1994 long term stays and therapy training in different American Osho meditation retreat-centres for human growth
1980 - present time participation in miscellaneous therapy and meditation sessions, attending various therapy training courses including Rebirthing, Bioenergetic, Psychic, Massage, Tantra, DeHypno, Councelling, Reiki, NLP  Landmark Educations, and meditation training classes from Osho, the Sufi Mystics, Red Indian Rituals etc.
1979 - 1995 several long term stays in various Indian Ashrams, Osho, Sai Baba, Auroville, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda Ashram, Ramesh Balsekar, Papajii,  intensive meditation retreats as well  therapy trainings
1975 - 1980 study of psychology at Hamburg University, Client Centered therapy from Carl Rogers, psychology of perception and others
1973 October, birth of beloved son Ole, 1975 separation from Ole’s father
1972 -1973 works in the Psychiatry, at the ground station of the Hamburg University Clinic Universitätsklinik Eppendorf (UKE)
1972 finished High School
1966 - 1980 frequent visits of lectures & seminars by my father Paul Debes on the Buddha’s teachings
1952 born in Grosshansdorf, 5th child in a Buddhist family, which gave great direction in early age and insights into the laws of life. This moulded my personality as much as the beautiful countryside and mother´s vegetable & flower gardens around our house
Hobbies: Cleaning, simple and natural cooking, working in the garden, hiking, classical music
Abilities: Understanding human nature, communication, coaching, teaching, generosity

CV Francesco Ceccarelli

2011 foundation of the BuonaVita Centre in Umbria (Italy) with Sabine to share a holistic support community for a joyful, healthy path to awakening
2011 extended trip to India to practice Vipassana meditation, to pilgrim to the places of Buddha’s life. Participated in the Osho International Center and Ayurvedic therapy session. Another 10 days Vipassana meditation in Tuscany and one further “Community Building” workshop by Scott Peck
2010 10 days Vipassana meditation in Tuscany and another Vipassana retreat in Haus der Stille (Germany)
2009 paticipation in the AVATAR course, International Kundalini Yoga Retreat in France,  Vipassana meditation by Goenkaji in Tuscany, “Community Building” workshop (Scott Peck) in Bali
2008 meeting with spiritual companion Sabine Debes, with whom I started our life partnership
2008 voluntary activity with the Hermitage Cerbaiolo (Tuscany) to help  Sister Chiara support the pilgrims on the path of Saint Francis
2006 pilgrimage on the path of Saint Francis in Umbria and Lazio
2001 - 2007 participated in seminars in the Saint Francis Hermitage Romita (Umbria) with Brother Bernardino, studied religious books: Yogananda, Veda, Catholic,  Buddhist, and also practised meditation
2000 founded a company specializing in property and project management, and management coaching too
1998 my parents died and I started to read spiritual books
1995 training course in Project Management and coaching
1992 - 1999 studied and graduated with a Diploma of Jurisprudence from the University of Milan
1987 separation from Sara’s mother
1985 daughter Sara was born
1982 moved to Milan and worked in the  Commune of Milan, technical department
1978 started to work in the Commune of San Gemini, technical department
1977 obligatory military service
1976 finished High School, degree in “Geometra”, (house construction)
1973 - 1977 participation in church activities: camps and retreats
1958 born in San Gemini (Umbria - Italy), youngest child in a Catholic family
Hobbies: yoga, playing guitar, singing, classical music, being in nature, hiking, reading books about human growth
Abilities: organization, diplomacy, team work, cooperation