Gaia-Oasis Europe - Centre for Awakening

About us - Our Experience

To stay together single-mindedly on the path to liberation, through good and bad times, and to dissolve all hindrances between us so that love can flow, and peace and silence can grow.

With all the experiences and learning from our past we feel confident that we are now able to live life in a creative and well-wishing way, to let go of conditionings, to grow and change together; we feel very alive!

We understand that peace and growth don’t happen by accident or through rituals, dogmas, grace, hope or trust alone, but that it needs constant, continuous and conscious effort in a direction which enables our being happy in a profound way.

Toward this goal we have found:

These findings are precious to us and we apply these methods frequently with great success and joy. We feel that they can serve as a solid foundation for a peaceful daily life and to catalyse growth and change.

Now we are really excited about what it will be like to share such a life with more like-minded people who also aspire to live a meaningful life, discover better true happiness, true friendship, true love, true liberation – and who like to work with us in the garden.