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BuonaVita - Facilities

The house we found in Curasci was completely renovated in 2002. It already has running water, electricity and gas. Half the house has already two central heating systems, one gas and wood system, enabling residence year round.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms, one bathroom and one extra WC. There is a living room with an open fireplace and a big pantry kitchen big enough to eat together with up to 10 people or more (there is no restaurant).


In summer it is also possible to sleep in tents in the garden to sleep under a sky full of stars.

We already plan to renovate the basement currently consisting of five bare rooms to become more bedrooms and one group room, to renovate the storage room and the garage to become the new group-kitchen and dining room. We need to install four bathrooms. Later we also want to build a completely new structure to realize a larger group-room and a small seperate apartment too. We hope soon we have already some rooms ready to offer.

Our goal is to be able to accommodate about 20 people in the house.
See our project.