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What our visitors say:

“In September 2012, I spent a glorious week with Sabine and Francesco at Buona Vita. I didn't know what to expect, and had only briefly met Sabine and Francesco in Bali, but somehow felt drawn to spend time at their new center while I was in Italy. I'd been travelling throughout Asia and Europe for nine months, and was quite exhausted when I arrived at their sanctuary nestled in the hills of Umbria. We settled into a routine of morning meditation, Buddhist teachings and yoga. We cooked all our meals communally, primarily from vegetables harvested from their garden, a real treat after eating at restaurants for many months. Days were spent working in the garden or house chores. The quiet simplicity of this routine stilled my mind, and allowed for quiet introspection. Sabine is also a trained counselor and there were many sessions focused on healing deep-rooted childhood trauma. I am so grateful for Sabine and Francesco's generosity of self and spirit, and encourage anyone interested in pursuing a spiritual path or healing journey, to spend time at Buona Vita. Grazie mille!“
(Annie Xuan Clark, Seattle)

“……. Since my first days with Sabine and Francesco I felt that BuonaVita is a special place. And it’s about everything – a place itself, its energy, nature around and of course people who live there. I was happy to spend such wonderful weeks living day by day as a family, ……. I enjoyed being so close to the nature, surrounded by it, following it, feeling complete harmony with the inner being. ……… BuonaVita for me is not just the place to spend time. It’s a place to live sharing the way of being. It comes through the daily activities and healthy life, through inspiring morning and daily program, through learning together the wisdom of the world, through sharing a joy of following spiritual path. It’s the place where you discover the beauty of life in its simplicity, the beauty of relations in their sincerity. And I’m so happy I’ve got this unforgettable experience thanks to Sabine and Francesco!”
(Tetiana Tuchyk, Ucraina, novembre 2012)

Session radical forgiveness feedback: "When I met with Sabine, I was worried that I wouldn't know what to do or if I'd be able to forgive. I had been carrying a deep pain around with me for so long I wondered if I'd be willing to let go. Yet, as Sabine gently guided me through the process, the release became almost as effortless as exhaling. My advice to anyone longing for radical forgiveness in their life: trust your heart already knows what to do and let it do the work for you."
(Jessica Porter, Seattle)

Up to now I could two times spend some holi-days in “Buona Vita”, and both visits have strengthened and nourished me and have resonated in me for a long time. Especially I was touched and delighted by the close connection to the nature which I could experience there. How wonderful to take out the weeds in the morning in the garden, to sow and to harvest and to later eat up wonderful prepared meals from the self harvested fruits and vegetables in calmness and leisure. Part of the deep recovery I experienced there is also due to the clear rhythm of the day: the meditation in the morning, the inspiring teachings of Sabine, the working units in house and garden, the shared meals, mostly in the fresh air, wonderful hikes, powerful dialogues and cosy evenings with fire and singing. And the stillness!!!!! Directly after my first visit it was clear to me that I would like to grant to myself at least one visit per year to Buona Vita in order to replenish and I am already looking forward to the next possibility!
(Gabriela Wisbar, Germany)

2012 I was in BuonaVita in May and in September. Here all fits together: The vast landscape, the still and calming surroundings, the organic garden, also for the sound and powerful BuonaVita meals, the meditative atmosphere, the teachings of the Buddha and inspirations, the shared life, the spiritual couple Sabine and Francesco and, and, and. BuonaVita is a place for growth and flowering and it be recommended to all those who are on their path to their human and spiritual enfolding and appreciate this healing and inspiring place.
(Siegbert Kießler, Germany)

It was almost a call since a long time that once I will visit Sabine and Francesco, still when they were searching for a perfect place in mountains. When I arrived it was so clear that I came home. A peaceful village and pure nature are there to be found, but it is the people are who make a place a real home. Life there was so simple and easy and in few days I became me again, and part of the nature. Taking care of every little plant that was planted, working in the house or escaping for long walks, everything was a step to this. Of course the learning period during the Avatar-course had a different dynamic. And I like it. I like struggles and ups and downs, because every step was a step towards my inner peace. The Avatar system is systematic, direct, goal oriented (oh, it is obvious I’m a manager!), and from the base built on love, compassion and humanity. With Sabine as a teacher also the hard parts of the path were easy to pass. I will always be great full for the generosity I experienced.
(Mia Miše, Slovenia)