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Offerings - Radical forgiveness

Colin Tipping discovered the "Radical Forgiveness" process during his research into how to better help people who had fatal diseases. He realized that these people mostly had some pain or suffering in their soul, an old bitterness, which they couldn´t overcome. This could even be the cause of fatal disease. He developed several highly effective processes to integrate even the most unjust, painful experiences, to dissolve bitterness and even grow through the situation. Please check his website: www.radicalforgiveness.com

Radical Forgiveness reaches much deeper than any normal or even Christian attempt to forgive, be it with the most genuine intention. The reason why forgiveness normally is so tough lies in the obvious fact that usually one perceives clearly that some great unjust evil has happened which just is not right. Though good intentions the scale slides down again to: But why& He should not have done this& It is not fair& It was too much& etc.

The great new link Colin found is to look at the whole situation from a different perspective, instead of from that of worldly "righteousness". He proposes to see the situation as something that somehow belongs to us, and keeps repeating, keeps knocking at our door of consciousness until we embrace the underlying dynamic, the underlying pattern that recreates the painful situation.

This is similar to my grandma´s attitude to accept even the cruellest experiences of the two world wars by putting them into God´s hands and fully accepting her "cross". The effect also is the same through taking on or realizing the Buddha´s perspective, to understand that, whatever reaches us is self-created, via our own deeds, our own energy coming back to us now, from some other time.

Colin also integrated some breath-work into his process, based on Rebirthing. He combines it with different music and calls it "Satori Breath". It is a transforming and integrative process. The process Colin developed is quite surprising and very transforming. We can recommend intensely investigatingin this work if you have some pain to overcome or you feel bitterness, have a self-destructive disease, or if you just feel it would be good for you to clear up some stuff with your parents or old relationship issues.

At BuonaVita Sabine can give individual sessions as well as radical forgiveness workshops on weekends. For now it is possible in English and German with a little bit of Italian. Please contact us for a date and for more information or registration.