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BuonaVita - Natural lifestyle

What we mean by natural lifestyle is to live life according to the laws of nature on the material plane, and according to the laws of consciousness. These laws are unchangeable and un-discussable, they just exist, if we like it or not. For example, if we ignore the law of gravity we will have a problem and bump our body or if we ignore the rhythms of nature in our metabolism we might get sick. If we ignore the law of consciousness that our thinking, our contemplation, our evaluations form our feelings, our character, our perceptions, our experience, our future, and if we don´t clear our mind from unhealthy, painful thoughts, from unhealthy mind-sets, we will suffer. If we ignore the law of seed and harvest, and start to live according to it, we will never be able to create a happy future. Even if we live against the human laws of the society we get into trouble.

Living according to the existing universal laws makes life flow, it becomes light, easy and enjoyable. There are laws in every plane, material and not material but mental, there is causality, for sure, also between the planes.

Practically this means: We take good care of our body with healthy yoga, breathing exercises and wholesome food, much organically grown in our garden, self baked bread and eggs and cheese from the surroundings. We live in the nature with healing waters, clear and clean air, vastness all around, mostly blue sky and very often in total calmness. We practise meditation daily, read and study daily to observe and discover ourselves the laws of consciousness. We practise mindfulness, remembering the true characteristics of all that exists (presence of truth) in our daily work. This gives us non attachment and freedom. We practise loving and clear communication that gives us peace and joy in our hearts.

All this is part of natural lifestyle for us and we would like to support every visitor as much as we can on is or her path to happiness!