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Offerings - Personal life-coaching

As you can see in the CV of Sabina, she has learned and is applying many techniques. Sometimes it will be appropriate to use the family constellation work, or the forgiveness work or the deep breath to reconnect to some inner sources, or meditation to disentangle from the 1.000 things of daily life.

She says about herself: Sometimes people are like an open book to me, I feel them, I understand them so much. But as I am standing outside at the same time it is often really easy for me to help them see what is in the way or what is needed to do the next step...? My intention is to help people see, and to understand that they have the ability to accept what cannot be changed or to change what needs to be changed in order to live a happy, meaningful life.

Whatever technique I use, it is only a mean for better self-observation or observation of the laws of consciousness. Even if a problem is carried for decades, it can be solved by realization of its cause in that very moment ? actually it will never be solved by time alone, even if it seems to fade away in the awareness, it may just go underground, being covered by the many new problems.

What we call the laws of consciousness can also be called the laws of life or, in India it is called the Dhamma or in China the Tao or the Christian Mystics called it the Will of God. Everyone who is interested to solve a weird life situation, a situation with his or her body, an old emotional pain or bitterness, an entangled, complex family situation or partnership problem or who likes to learn about purifying the heart and connecting to inner stillness is very welcome to come to Curasci and explore the backgrounds and free him - or herself.