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The house needs a lot of maintenance, starting with the windows, shutters, and the wood of the roof. The basement needs finishing up, currently consisting of a five bare rooms which will make space for four more bedrooms (so we can live in BuonaVita with up to 20 people) and bathrooms, one temporary group room and a bigger kitchen with a dining-room. To convert the garage into a dining room we need to move a lot of earth around to get some light in and to have an outside sitting area. Later we also want to build a new structure to create a larger group-room and a little apartment too.

The yard consists of around 5.400 m2 which is currently mostly just grassland, although we have already ploughed about ca. 200 m2 for a vegetable garden, started two compost piles, and have also planted about 50 bushes and trees including 6 Tuscany pines. We are planning a greenhouse, more fruit trees, shade trees, more flowers, and also resting areas for contemplation and a little fountain at the entrance of the house.

In order to be independent and self-sufficient we would like to install solar and photovoltaic panels, and also we would like to drill a well.

If the price is appropriate we would also like to eventually buy the land south of our property.

To create all this a lot of money, minds and helpful hands are needed! BuonaVita is going to be the co-creation of many people! We embrace and welcome all people that would like to come to Curasci for a brief stay, or longer visits, to contribute in any way.

We hope that in growing BuonaVita we all will grow as well. We hope you will have a wonderful stay in our little community with lots of inspiration, happy moments and personal insights.

List of maintenance and immediate renovations/additions:

List of New Works

a) Sustainable energy

Solar panels for 1000 l hot water
Solar photovoltaic panels for 6 kw

b) Basement rooms
Only the walls of the rooms are standing now. The foolowing are needed:

6 triple glass windows to be built into the doors: 20 m2
Room no. 1, 10 m2, floor in wood plus build a platform
Room no. 2, 14 m2, floor in wood plus build a platform
Room no. 3, 23 m2, floor in wood
Room no. 4, / Group-room 28 m2, floor in wood
Room no. 5, 8 m2, new bathroom
Two bath 3,5 m2

New kitchen, 16 m2: new door, water installation, equipment

New dining-room, 51 m2: moving the earth, windows and light from the roof, doors, toilet, store and heating room

c) New structure (probably to be constructed with wood)

New group room: 65 m2
Small apartment: 35 m2

Click here to see the new plan of the basement.