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Offerings - Rebirthing / Quantum Light Breath (QLB)

Rebirthing is a process of Breath, originally discovered by Lenard Orr. He discovered that breathing more fully and strongly whilst being aware of the body-mind is a highly transformative process. Through the surplus of oxygen the brain works less (!) in the thinking mod and we start feeling more intensely and clearly. Emotions stuck in our system for ages might emerge and be released, and new insights may arise as well.

The method is to lie on your back while breathing more strongly than normal for one hour and after this hour there is 15 minutes relaxation integration phase. This can be done with or without music, but most certainly under the supervision of an experienced Rebirther with the necessary guidance and support.

QLB was developed by Jeru Kabbal who was a student of Osho. He developed a very nice one-hour process on the basis of Rebirthing and Vipassana. QLB is done sitting, preferably with eyes closed, without interference by an outside person. He has created a few CD with different pieces of music and he himself supporting the process through his instructions. He helps to focus attention on the breath throughout the hour, to accept whatever emerges, to realize that what is happening is "not-I" but just an emotion or feeling, coming and going, thus helping to de-identify with body, mind and feelings.