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First of all: we are looking for translators the german books Paul Debes, "die meisterung der existenz nach lehre des buddha" and "meditation" to english, italian dutch!>


BuonaVita is not affiliated with any organisation; it is an independent non-profit community, a place to share the experience of a spiritual life.

Why do we give our offerings, room and board on donation base? We believe that mental and spiritual inspiration cannot be balanced with fixed prices. Everyone should feel free to give his or her present to BuonaVita and us, some can and / or want to give little, others much.

We have invested and are still investing our money into BuonaVita! We bought the property in 2011 and are now in the process of restoring it and building additional resources, including clean and clear water systems and planting many new trees and plants on the 5.400 sq. m. of land.

For the continued development of this property we need broad monetary support from our friends and guests! With this support our spiritual community will be able to grow and evolve:

For our spiritual activities such as daily program, sessions and seminars that are the purpose and the essence of BuonaVita, we really appreciate your donation.

We are very happy for your donation also to cover the costs of the room and board.

If you would like to contribute to the further development of BuonaVita or even take over one of the projects: house insulation, solar, photovoltaic or the extension, this would be very welcome and highly appreciated!

As long as it is possible for us, our door is surely open for people that sincerely want to live the spiritual life with us, even if they cannot manage to cover the bare expenses fully with their donation.

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We would be grateful, if you would be willing to donate monthly, even if it is a small amount.

If you would like to send money directly by bank, here are the bank details:


Sabine Debes, Francesco Ceccarelli

Business Identifier Code (BIC): ARBAIT33181

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): IT80R0539021700000000092253