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BuonaVita - Surroundings

From Curasci you can go on wonderful excursions into the countryside or follow some pilgrimage paths to spiritual places such as the cave of Beato Giolo, the Sanctuary of Saint Salvatore or the church of Roccafranca "Saint Christopherus".



Rasiglia is a very nice little village only 6 km from here. The atmosphere is very pleasant because there are lots of natural springs feeding many little gurgling creeks that flow through the village. In the Christmas timethere is also a wonderful "presepe vivente"



Colfiorito is the last village near the border between Umbria and the Marche , about 15 km from Curasci. It is famous for its special legumes and vegetables including red potatoes, lentils and the typical “cicerchia”.



Is a nice old village at about 640 m high, in the river valley of Vigi; 3 km north of Sellano the river Vigi forms a beautiful, wild little lake with a lot of water cascades upstream.



A nice old little village famous for Saint Rita.



This beautiful old village is famous for Saint Benedetto. In spring there is an ocean of colours from all the flowers in the valley "Val Fiorita" between Norcia and Castelluccio, at the feet of the mountain Vettore, which keep a cap of snow until late spring.



Foligno is a nice little antique city in the valley between Perugia and Terni , 25 km from Curasci. There are many historic buildings and cultural traditions, especially at September when the “Quintana” takes place, a spectacular traditional horse competition.



There are only 40 km between Curasci and the world-famous Assisi, village of San Francis and "the city of the peace".