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BuonaVita - Sabine's vision

Back in 1989 I had a vision: I found myself living amongst a group of people in beautiful natural surroundings, with soft slopes and trees and mild, fresh air. The most particular feeling was an auspicious, indescribable softness, a tenderness and openness. Suddenly I noticed that channels or streams of light were interlinking us with each other. I became aware that our souls were not separate but rather very much connected and that each of us could know what the other was feeling or thinking. The reason for this unusual openness immediately became apparent to me. Every single one of us, being sincerely on the path of liberation, was standing in a personal deep commitment to self-honesty, uprightness, and openness. Being ruled by the principles of love, sincerity and honesty, this dwelling exhibited tender luminosity and transparency!

I sensed that I found myself in a sacred place of healing:
  1. Each of us knew exactly why he or she was here: To work toward profound healing, liberation, freedom, indestructible happiness, and awakening.
  2. Every one of us enjoyed to contributing wholeheartedly according to his or her abilities and the needs of the place. Of course everyone was individual and unique but we all lived and acted out of the same spirit.
  3. In our group there was no competition. No one was blindly plagued by fears of not looking good or not feeling important. The overall feeling was natural, peaceful and relaxed. Everyone could unfold beautifully.
  4. In the course of time hundreds of people came to live with us for a longer or shorter period of time. For a deliberate, unburdened, happier life they studied with us the laws of life, the laws of consciousness, and started to practice accordingly to bring joy and release into their daily life.
  5. We practised communicating out of love and clarity with a well-wishing motivation: To support each others´ growth and well-being. Everyone lived life with full engagement for his own and his fellow travelers’ liberation.

We were all clearly aligned with and committed to this mutual intention for awakening as well as for the path of practice. Everyone carried this vision in his heart.

BuonaVita - Motivation from Sabine

For several days after experiencing this vision I was engulfed in a state of inexpressible, complete, sweet tenderness and empowerment. But soon daily reality took over. Although this vision had a clear sense of reality about it, my life was much too different...I dismissed it as a nice dream and in time I forgot about it.

However, in 1991, I was fortunate to participate in the Avatar®-Training and the Master course. This helped me to realize a wonderful path of thorough self-exploration into the depths of consciousness. I was given a whole box of tools especially suitable for the western mind! It helped me to realize that the greatest compassion toward myself was ruthless, radical self-honesty in order to free myself from my beautiful and well protected self-image and its prison-castle of excuses, justifications and interpretations. I started to clean out... I worked hard on myself for a long period (and I still am). It took no less than 5 years for the veils of my consciousness to lighten up - and to suddenly remember my vision! This happened during a silent retreat in Boulder, Colorado 1996.  On the spur of the moment, since nothing inside me was blocking the way anymore, I decided to realize this vision as welld as I could at that time: I wrote it down, found some fellow travellers, and started the beautiful non-profit resort “Gaia-Oasis” in Bali in 1998.

Now, 2012 and this time in Italy, I am starting the little sister of the Bali “Gaia-Oasis”, together with my dear partner in life Francesco who understands the vision fully and has the skills and the strong heart-desire to bring this opportunity to his people. This new "Gaia-Oasis", BuonaVita, will be very different, much more focussed on awakening and healing. I’m grateful that I could learn so much in all those years from my work in Bali about community, alignment, structure, management, clarity, love and human growth! Above all I have won clarity about the deep meaning of the vision – which I couldn’t fully grasp in the beginning. In the course of time out of the depths of my own consciousness the strong desire for total liberation from the endless chain of rebirths re-emerged, hand in hand with the clear confidence that awakening is possible. This awareness together with my desire to share this path with and its liberation and happiness with as many people as possible are mirrored in the Vision and in Francesco's aspiration: this is what we want to realize in BuonaVita!

BuonaVita - Motivation from Francesco

The slogan from the Jubilee of the Catholic Church in the year of 1975 was “TO LIVE = TO GROW + TO CHANGE.”  I was fascinated with this “equation” but I didn’t quite realize the depth of the message.

Now, after a long time and many experiences, I understand that in effect life is a continuous evolution which no one can rise above but which everyone can pursue to grow and change, to eliminate suffering and to live in peace.

Technical development, information from the internet and globalization in general mean have brought to our attention the real situation of all human beings on earth: we are all in “the same boat”, we all are undeniable unique and diverse individuals and at the same time share the same human condition of suffering and same spirituality.

I believe that it is possible to encourage to use of positive internal energy in every human being and to search out the paths to grow the realization of happiness. This possible evolution of every being and of humanity itself was taught by various enlightened beings, amongst who were Buddha (The Path of Elimination of Suffering) and Saint Francis (The Path of Perfect Joy): different path but the same goal.

After having some wonderful experiences in Saint Francis hermitages, in 2008 I felt at the bottom of my heart the necessity to work for the realization of a place where one can live in community and re-awaken one’s own inner sensibility, as well as a place to encourage meetings between people from diverse religions and philosophical backgrounds, to enable a dialogue, to break down barriers and to search together for the elements which unite all beings in the experience of human life and to live in peace.

In the course of time I was lucky to learn new techniques to clean the mind and the heart, then I experience inside myself that it is possible to grow and to change. My project became complete. In fact now it is possible to combine meetings with yoga practice, meditation, and direct experimentation. With tried and tested techniques for spiritual awakening, such as methods proposed by Harry Palmer (Avatar), Buddha (Vipassana and many other meditation techniques), ideas by Frank Jalics (meditation in nature), Scott Peck (Community Building) and others, we can use positive energy, live in the present in full consciousness, purify the heart and feel that inner happiness that we can share with other beings in the here and now.

The true goal, therefore, is to offer the opportunity to free up one’s life essence (and consequently that of others), taking into account that man, by his very nature, wants to evolve (Grow), and that it is always possible to modify (Change) your life habits, using that positive energy which is inherent in all human beings.

TO LIVE = TO GROW + TO CHANGE: not only change on a physical level but also and above all through evolution of the spirit.

Now I feel very lucky to be able to realize this project together with the Vision of my soul mate and partner Sabine in "BuonaVita", where we would like to share our path of awakening with as many people as possible.