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Offerings - Yoga & Pranayama (Science of Breath)

Sabine has been practising different styles of yoga since she was 17, and also Francesco has been fond of yoga since he was 4. We practise yoga daily in the morning after some teachings and meditation and we feel very energized by this. We also practise daily some pranayama sequences that feel especially beneficial to us. Everyone is invited to share this with us and try it out and find the right exercises for him or her self.

We found that yoga and pranayama are quite energizing, generally help your health as well as to promote a straight back and good blood circulation. The breathing exercises are especially good for the lungs and to integrate forgotten parts of them and breathe fully, which also supports the brain and the supply of oxygen and thus blood circulation and metabolism.

We will also have yoga-teachers here from time to time and will publish this in our newsletter.